Investor Relations


Horizon are delivering a repeatable, scalable business model based on visible and predictable revenue that the services market demands

Horizon’s customers are undergoing a period of rapid transformation as the genomic revolution continues to drive the future of precision medicine. Our goal is to build a life science tools business, based on our world leading cell engineering platform and delivered through a repeatable business model, that helps our customers adapt to this revolution and make the next breakthroughs in drug discovery.

Our technology agnostic gene editing and gene modulation toolbox allows us to build cell-based models that represent “patients in a test tube”. These core research tools are further augmented by products and services that enable high value applications in drug discovery, drug manufacturing and clinical diagnostics.

The market opportunity is substantial. We estimate our addressable markets to be worth £2.2 billion growing at approximately 20% per year. With limited direct competition, Horizon has tremendous prospects for growth and is moving swiftly to seize its opportunities. To capitalise on this opportunity, Horizon’s strategy is built upon three focus areas:

Harness the power of the cell

Horizon’s scientific leadership in cell engineering will be driven through key partnerships and in-house research that enable new capabilities which are then ‘reduced to practice’, becoming IP rich products and services that can be offered to customers in a repeatable and efficient way.

Horizon will innovate and make sound investments to maintain a leadership position in the life sciences. We will deliver our core gene editing and gene modulation platform innovation in areas such as high throughput cell-editing, gene and cell therapy, immuno-oncology, personalised medicine, and blue-sky areas resulting in novel and high value products, services and leveraged business opportunities.

We will use our reputation as a leader in the application of cell biology and gene editing to solve the key challenges facing the life sciences today to attract and retain the top global scientific and commercial talent to Horizon.


Horizon will deliver a repeatable and scalable business model based on visible and predictable revenue, underpinned by a strong consumable tools business with visible and predictable revenues and strong gross margins. Our products and services will be provided to customers in a way that builds stronger relationships with them so that we are in the best position possible to jointly explore how best to meet their needs today and tomorrow, and driving repeat business.

Global Leadership

Horizon will convert its early market advantage to global leadership by exploiting the Group’s global presence including channels to market, production and supply chain capabilities, and through the integration of Dharmacon to deliver commercial and operational synergies, thereby maximising our growth potential.

We will provide valuable solutions for all existing and future customers. This requires us to put the customer first and to be innovative, collaborative, empowered and pragmatic. We will continue our programme of profile building in the US, Europe, and beyond with the aim of further diversifying our market (e.g. academia) and geographic reach (e.g. Asia).

We embrace the spirit of enterprise that has made us a market leader in gene editing and gene modulation, applying these for the maximum benefit of customers and investors alike.