Investor Relations


The Board believes that maintaining regular and transparent dialogue with shareholders is important in order to ensure that there is a clear understanding of strategic objectives, financial and operational performance, and governance of the Group.

Investor Meetings

The Executive Chairman and Interim CEO and CFO, working in consultation with the Company’s advisers, make themselves available and expect to meet with major institutional shareholders at least twice a year, following mid-year and full-year results, through roadshows that take place in London and in the major investment centres in the United States (New York, Boston, and San Francisco).

Additional support for current and prospective shareholders is available throughout the year from Executive Directors. The Board is responsible for oversight of these activities, including giving careful consideration to feedback from investors following roadshows and throughout the year.

Investor Relations Website

The Company provides extensive information on share price, investor news, analyst consensus, and resources and reports on this site. Interested investors can register to receive electronic copies of all RNS and RNS-Reach announcements on the day they are issued.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Board actively encourages participation in the AGM, which is the principal forum for dialogue with shareholders. Prior to the AGM, the Notice of Annual General Meeting and Form of Proxy are included with the Annual Report and are made available on the Company’s website. At the AGM each separate resolution is voted on. Proxy votes are counted and the level of proxies lodged on each resolution reported after it has been dealt with on a show of hands. All results of voting are published in a RNS announcement and on the Group’s website following the meeting.